Hey Glam Nation!!!! I am Britney! I am a wife, mom, sister (twin), believer and most importantly YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER! I encourage you to ask questions, give ideas, and play a hands-on role in the process. Communicating with you all is a huge part of what I love so much about your experience. I remain friends with many of my clients long after I’ve finished our initial session together (and I enjoy continuing to hear about and documenting your new journeys - college grad, milestones, love stories, etc.) I am here for you, always. #getglammed


Some people ask what the advantages are of having portraits taken by a professional photographer. Quality cameras are becoming more and more available to everyone these days, and it may be appealing to save money by “just trying to DIY it” or have dad take portraits.


Here are a few reasons why it’s so important to hire a professional photographer (rather than an amateur with a nice camera) to capture this very unique time in your family's life. Whether it's capturing your growing baby in your tummy, their milestones from learning hold their heads up, sitting up to walking and the way to high school graduation.. I will be here to professionally capture every milestone professionally. I style every session based on your particular family, from color tones that match your beautiful skin perfectly, to clothing that ideally fit your children perfectly. I use my professional opinions to make your experience unforgettable and as seamless as possibly.

Convington LA | Boutique Senior Photographer


Even experienced amateurs struggle with more nuanced parts of portrait photography. Mastery of lighting, hiding undesirable features, and creating radiant skin tones are among the most difficult and most important parts of producing an perfect portrait. When you hire me, I put my years of experience to work to create images that flatter and look fantastic even when printed in very large format. Additionally, I work with a top professional stylist to ensure my subjects not only look their best, but look their best for the camera. My stylist is highly experienced with hair and makeup for portraiture, and knows how to get the very best results. Working with a professional photographer creates a team effort to produce the very finest images as an end result. Everything is custom tailored to my client.


Photographs aren’t meant to lurk eternally on a hard drive. They’re meant to be printed, displayed, touched, and shared. I’ve designed my program and packages to make sure you will end up with stunning, last-a-lifetime physical pieces that become family treasures. All my print products are sourced from professional photo labs and made with museum grade materials. I lovingly hand retouch each image with huge amounts of care before it goes to a digital gallery or print, sometimes spending hours on perfecting the crop, color quality, and removing any blemishes that might become apparent when the photograph is printed in large format. Your end result is not just a gallery of perfectly edited digital images; it’s an album, a canvas, a print - real, tactile artwork for your home or dorm room.

my style


My Seniors are beautiful people with special energy. I work closely with each to bring out the facets of their personalities in the form of visual art. Just as each human being is an individual, each photoshoot is also individual. This is my specialty. I want to get to know who you are and what you love, and bring that out on camera. Your portraits should be a positive reflection of who you are.

My style? Glitzy Glam, If you are a girly girl who loves all things GLAM then we are for you, even if you are not we put our full effort in bringing out your inner beautiful so that we can capture every facet of you. I like to enhance that’s naturally there rather than trying to create something that isn’t you. I work directly with my Seniors to choose a location that’s meaningful and photogenic. 



““Wow. Unbelivable. I had the experience of a lifetime with Britney & The Glam Lab. I will recommend her again and again.
I will recommend her again and again to my friends,
because my portraits totally blew my mind””